Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado. What are the effects of a legal pot state? Is it all that bad? Could decriminalizing marijuana work for other states?

Is Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Use Beneficial To The Society? Colorado Crime Rate Statistics Surely Suggest So

America is gradually taking a softer — or, at least, less harsh — stance against recreational use of marijuana, or cannabis. Some of the largest cities have begun to either completely legalize smoking weed or reduce the penalty for consuming it.

Though it is impossible to prove that legalizing marijuana brought down the crime, it does prove the anti-marijuana advocates wrong who were pretty confident that crime would invariably grow.



Crime in the city of Denver
1,453 burglaries and 336 robberies (from Jan. 1-April 30, 2014), according to Denver Police — down from 1,527 burglaries and 352 robberies during the same period in 2013. Violent and property crimes are down in Denver since the start of recreational marijuana sales as well.



Staking out stats for Colorado crime and DUID arrests
What are the stats for drunk driving citations and accidents vs. stoned driving citations and accidents turning out to be?


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