A bill to protect Colorado’s immigrants imploded. Will a second try succeed?

What would have been Colorado’s most significant immigrant rights bill in years flamed out in dramatic fashion earlier this month, causing a rift in the advocacy community and sparking tension between activists and the Democratic governor.

Now there’s another bill moving through the Capitol that seeks to accomplish much of what was in the shelved bill, which was commonly known as Virginia’s Law. Supporters say they are cautiously optimistic that this effort will go more smoothly and lead to further protections for immigrants — here with or without legal authorization — from federal enforcement…



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An effort to ensure Colorado police and sheriffs aren’t carrying out federal immigration law has drawn Polis’ concerns

House Bill 1224 codifies a court ruling preventing jails from holding people just on immigration offenses and would prevent Colorado police from working on behalf of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. But it started out much more sweeping..

When immigrant advocates began working this year on legislation to prevent state and local law enforcement in Colorado from assisting federal immigration enforcement agents, their intent was sweeping.

They sought to halt Colorado police and sheriffs from sharing any information with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and wanted to bar state or local government from spending any public money to accomplish the agency’s goals…



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“Like shooting fish in a barrel,” prosecutor said of Aurora man killing teen in road rage incident
A 45-year-old maintenance worker is guilty of second-degree murder in the shooting death of a teenager and attempted murder of a second man during a random road rage incident sparked by the shooter’s obscene gesture…



Colorado Bill Allows victims of illegal aliens to sue Sanctuary liberals