Colorado Reacts to The Syrian Refugee Controversy

The White House plan to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S. is getting a strong reaction in Colorado…

Gov. John Hickenlooper Says Governors Blocking Syrian Refugees Is ‘Against The Law’



Controversy Over Syrian Refugees

This, no doubt, is why what is described as the “controversy over Syrian refugees” is among the most deceitful public debates in recent memory — which, by Washington standards, is saying something.



Questions About the Intake of Syrian Refugees


Obama’s Plan on Undocumented Immigrants

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit blocks Obama’s plan on undocumented immigrants.

A federal appeals court said Monday that President Obama could not move forward with his plans to overhaul immigration rules by providing up to five million people with work permits and protection from deportation.

The ruling is the latest blow to the president’s efforts to circumvent congressional inaction on immigration by using the power of his office to reshape the way immigration laws are enforced.



Colorado Law Firm Specializes In Both Criminal Defense And Immigration Issues

“Our firm is unique in that we specialize in both criminal and immigration cases. There are many times the two areas of law go hand in hand, and additional preparation and negotiation is necessary beyond that of a client that is a United States Citizen. A client’s life could potentially be destroyed if this extra preparation is overlooked.”

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