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The Colorado General Assembly begins its 2017 session next week. Here’s what you can expect.

The biggest accomplishment in 2016? Most likely, rain barrels, with a new law allowing those of you in single-family homes to collect rainwater. It certainly got some of the biggest attention in 2016, given that Colorado is one of the few states that restricts rain barrel use.



Robots, Not Immigrants, Are Replacing U.S. Manufacturing Workers

The manufacturing industry has continued to grow and remains very important to the U.S. economy. However, employment in manufacturing has not increased, primarily due to growth in productivity. As technology continues to advance, other sectors may also see job losses. According to Wilson Center scholar Chris Wilson, “We can make more stuff with fewer people. The real enemy is robots…”



US seeks death penalty in Florida airport shooting case

While investigators try to figure out the motive of an Iraq war veteran accused of killing five travelers and wounding six others at a busy international airport in Florida, the suspected gunman was charged and could face the death penalty if convicted.



Trump (Again) Insists Mexico Will Pay for Wall

Donald Trump is talking about “the wall” again. The New York Times reports that, as congressional Republicans yesterday discussed quickly moving ahead with plans for a southern border wall using money included in this year’s spending bills, President-elect Donald J. Trump insisted that Mexico would ultimately pay for its construction.



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