Immigrants facing years-long waits in Denver immigration court

Thousands of immigrants attempting to seek legal status or other court actions in Colorado are having their cases delayed for nearly five years — an unprecedented backlog in this state’s immigration court.



Detained immigrants sue over getting $1 a day for work

Immigrants who were detained at a suburban Denver facility while they awaited deportation proceedings are suing the private company that held them, alleging they were paid $1 a day to do janitorial work, sometimes under threat of solitary confinement.



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New Colorado crime report shows homicide numbers down

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation released its 2014 Crime in Colorado Report Thursday and it shows there was a 1.9 percent increase in violent crime and a 3.1 percent decrease in property crimes, with an overall decrease of 2.5 percent in the crime rate per 100,000 population.



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