Colorado law defines burglary as entering or remaining unlawfully in a structure with the intent to commit a theft or felony therein. The classification (i.e. burglary in the first degree) depends on the type of structure entered.

Some of the consequences for burglary involve probation, significant prison sentences, fines and restitution. Given the severity of the charge, it is a good idea to have a Colorado burglary defense attorney on your side fighting for you.

At Marinoff & Associates, P.C., Attorneys at Law, we fight for our clients. If you are looking for an attorney who provides an aggressive approach to handling your Colorado burglary defense, you have come to the right spot. As a former prosecutor, my law firm handles serious criminal matters for individuals throughout Colorado.

If you have been charged with a burglary in Denver or Boulder, as your attorney, the first thing I do is listen to your side of the story and your goals. Then, I look at your story in light of the law and I explain the charge and what the law says about the charge to my clients. I am always straightforward and honest with my clients. I give them realistic outcomes and scenarios because my clients want to get a clear picture of their situation. Once I explain your options, we decide what to do.

Anyone who is facing criminal charges, whether for burglary, home invasion burglary, trespass, or any other crime, should talk to a local criminal defense attorney

An attorney can explain the law to you and help you protect your rights so that you can obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

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