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“Ruben hired Brandon Marinoff and his services and he treated me very well and with care, he helped me fix my legal status in this country and I am very happy with the job he did and I thank him for all the help and work he did for me, and I know he will keep helping everyone he can.” – Ruben Moreno from Longmont, CO

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“The overall service from Marinoff & Associates has been excellent for the way he has treated and helped me. I have known him for 2 years and I appreciate his good service and I will be back if I need further help and assistance. On top of everything, he and his staff are very respectful and prestigious people.” – Juan A Conejo – Cheyenne, WY

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“I would recommend Brandon Marinoff and his staff highly. I had my case and it went very well. My case was resolved without any complications. I highly recommend them.” – Raul Perez and Maria Elena Perez – Thornton, CO