The Problem With Undocumented Immigrants, Colorado Driver’s Licenses

Catholic Church and Together Colorado seek revision of SB-251

“It is our duty to work hard for the legal improvement of our system and laws, perfecting them and producing laws that respect reason and promote the common good of our country and society,” said Bishop Rodriguez during his reflection on the role of laws in society. “Law has to be based on reason and not on custom, will, politics, power or fashion.”



Cost of Illegal Immigration to Colorado Taxpayers

How many illegal aliens are there in Colorado? What are the costs of public services provided to illegal aliens? What is the annual per-household cost for Colorado taxpayers?



Fact Sheet – Taxpayer Costs of Criminal Aliens in Colorado Jails and Prisons

How many criminal aliens are in Colorado jails and what is the annual cost to Colorado taxpayers? Colorado data for the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program tells the story…



Community Support on Immigration Issues

Nathaniel shares the example of VOICE, a community advocacy organization…